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We are experience a delay in shipping. They will be filled in order received. It may be as much as a five day delay.
2 peep.PNG
Nite Hawk 2 peep - Target
The 2peep is smallest Nite Hawk Peep and is used for targets indoors and out. It is the highest scoring peep sight available anywhere. As Charles M. wrote, "It adds 12 to 15 point to my score." Aluminum. Made in the USA.
Nite Hawk 3 peep - Hunter & 3Ds
This peep our middle size peep. It is recommended for 3Ds and hunting in average light conditions. Ronnie Christian, Red Arrow Archery, Vinita OK. wrote, "I just won this years Oklahoma State Broadhead Championship using a #3 Nite Hawk Peep. This win gave me the highest combined score for the four major championships." Aluminum. Made in the USA.
Nite Hawk 4 peep
This is the largest of our peeps. If you hunt in dim light or have old eyes this is your peep. With it you will see your target clearer, sight more accurately, and extend your shooting hours. John Conrad, West Texas, "Please do not think I am bragging. This twelve-point buck is the third Pope & Young buck I have shot with my #4 Nite Hawk Peep. It is open country where I hunt and it's tough getting a bucks in close. You only see them at night, early morning and late dusk.The blind, with its screened windows, make sighting even tougher. Under these conditions the Nite Hawk Peep works so well I am still amazed every time I draw my bow. I encourage everyone to use Nite Hawk Peeps. It makes no sense to go hunting if you are going to miss."
Nite Hawk Bow Press
You will press any & all bows the right way. So simple you'll feel like a expert in no time. Shipping and handling in the USA $12.90. If you are ordering a press to be shipped out side the USA, please include the extra shipping cost, "Shipping Bow Press Abroad," or "Shipping to Canada." Made in the USA.
bpcrossbow.PNG Press with Short Turnbuckle
A press for crossbows. Presses crossbows with short axle to axle distances(20" to 14")and all longer crossbows. This includes the reverse limb crossbows. This press is the same as the above press but with a two inch shorter turnbuckle. If you plan to press crossbows only order this press. If you are ordering a press to be shipped out side the USA, please include the extra shipping cost, "Shipping Bow Press Abroad," or "Shipping bow press to Canada." Made in the USA.
pouch.PNG Carry Pouch
This four pocket pouch give you a water repellent place to store your press and tools and repair parts. It is a traveling bow shop.
Shipping bow press Abroad
Because the program that drives this store can not adjust for the cost of shipping to Europe, Australia, UK, and many other countries, we have devised this way around the problem. If you are purchasing a Bow Press and it is to be shipped to Europe, Australia, UK, or some other country, please purchase this shipping package to cover the additional shipping cost. Your shipment will go International First Class Mail. For any questions please email kenj@nitehawkarchery.com Thank you.
Shipping bow press to Canada
To ship to Canada it will cost an additional $9.00. If you wish your bow press to be shipped to Canada please purchase the additional shipping. Your total cost would be $23.90. This does not apply to peep sight only orders.
Aligner tube adjustable
This is the only tube aligner that adjusts. It is easy to install and adjust and comes with compete instructions and diagrams. It is the most fool proof means of aligning any peep sight. Made in the USA.