Nite Hawk Archery
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Why do archers use terms like, "the best yet," "I love it," "I'm
amazed," to describe a Nite Hawk peep sight? Is it because it looks
different or because it helps them become better archers? The
following are a few of the letters & photos I have received from
fellow archers like you.

You got a super peep. Best yet! All bow & arrow innovations are
nice, but if you can't see they are useless! Since I got my Nite Hawk
peep, I can see bright, dark, shaded, and now I have to buy some for
my friends. My bragging is costing me money. Thanks. Bill McL. FL.

I hunted Colorado in Sept. and tagged this 5x5 bull using a
Nite Hawk Peep sight. I just started using it a short time
before the trip and it proved to work just as you said it would.
I have recently started shooting 3-D's and noticed my scores
have improved over last year. The best thing the Nite Hawk
Peep helps me do is keep my pin centered in the peep. It's
always centered in the peep. I can focus my concentration
more on the spot I am aiming at. This has helped my shooting
a lot. Thanks for the great product.
Tommy Mackey. TX.

This ostrich was shot after three days of walking and stalking.
The first two days were spent trying to stalking close enough
for a shot and watching a group of six birds run off. On the
morning of the third day I was able stalk within 44 yards of
one. Close enough to risk a shot. Ostrichs make a very
chalanging hunt because they must be shot through the head
or they run for miles and you'll never find them. At 44 yards
the broadhead hit just where I wanted it to and the bird fell
where it stood.

It took all afternoon to get sixty yards down wind of this
wildebeest. I was hidding behind a thorn bush, but unable to
get a clear shot. It was starting to get dark. Using your peep, I
drew my bow, aligned the peep and my sixty yard pin, then
took one quick step from behind the bush and released just as
the wildebeests started to move. The arrow hit perfectly.
These kinds of shots can only be executed with a Nite Hawk

In South Africa I teach hunting and manage a game farm.
I recommend your peeps to all my students.
Frank Stiennagal, Germany (Two time World Field Champion)

I was skeptical about using the Nite Hawk Peep. But after
installing it on my bow and shooting it for a short time, I found
everything you said about it to be true. I get on my target
much faster, and as you can see, so much better. I put my hog
down with one shot. Thank you.
Ronnie Christian, Red Arrow Archery, Vinita OK.

PS. I just won this years Oklahoma State Broadhead
Championship using a #3 Nite Hawk Peep. This win gave me
the highest combined score for the four major championships.
The Indoors, Field, 3-D, and Broadhead. Keep up the great
work on those peeps.

Please do not think I am bragging. This twelve-point buck is
the third Pope & Young buck I have shot with my #4 Nite
Hawk Peep. It is open country where I hunt and it's tough
getting a bucks in close. You only see them at night, early
morning and late dusk. Never during good shooting hours.
The blind, with its screened windows, make sighting even
tougher. Under these conditions the Nite Hawk Peep works so
well I am still amazed every time I draw my bow. I encourage
everyone to use Nite Hawk Peeps. It makes no sense to go
hunting if you are going to miss.
John Conrad, West Texas

Regarding the shot, this is a picture of the shot. He was going
away from the bottom right hand corner of this picture to the
top of the photo and was at 23 yard in between that set of
trees with the log lying across the opening when I fired.

I have gotten so used to my Nite Hawk Peep that the
selection of the pin and the alignment of the pin in the box for
perfect height and left right alignment was just automatic.
Good thing, this all transpired in about 4 seconds.

I pulled as he was walking behind the set of trees at the very
bottom right hand side of the picture, was frozen as he trotted
through the first opening and then when he approached that
log that is laying to the right of the high stump in the center of
the picture I shot.

It was perfect, into the ribcage angled forward at about the
3rd or 4th rib.

So this is the third deer in a row I have placed a killing shot
within an inch of my aim point using my peep sight. I love it, as
I said I have gotten completely grooved on it's use. It's just
part of my shot.


Amanda Spear is one of those young archers everyone likes.
Amanda has won the silver cup at the NFAA Indoors several
times. In one year she won the Las Vegas Shoot, the NFAA
Indoors, the Atlantic City Classic, setting a new record, and
the Junior Olympics, again setting a new record. In that year
she set seventeen new records. One record had held up for
over seventeen years. She is the daughter of Mark Spear a
NFAA Master Coach and NFAA's Coach of the year. She
shoots a #2 Nite Hawk Target Peep.

The Nite Hawk Peep sights are made of high strength aluminum with a
special black coating. They weigh about 4 grains and come in three
The # 2 Target, #3; 3-D & Hunting peep, and the #4 Hunting peep.

The #2 is for indoor and outdoor target where there is good light.
It also works very well with a 2 power scope.

The #3 is for 3-D's and hunting during normal hunting hours.
It works well with a four power scope.

The #4 peep is for hunting in low light.