Nite Hawk Archery
Bow Press & Four Video

This is the Easiest and Safest way to press
your bow or cross bow.

Watch these videos and see for your self.

Read the comments from archers
just like you.


Just wanted to say thanks for the info you gave me over
the phone about your press being able to work on
Destroyer bows! I was able to put twists back in cables
and string and fix my bow after the 'authorized dealer'
screwed it up changing the draw length. Hahaha.
Thanks again, it worked flawlessly!


Yep, awesome press. I came across it cause I emailed
Mathews and asked them what press they recommended
and the nitehawk was it. Ordered it the same day I got
the email back from Mathews.


The bow press arrived today and I just used it to fix a
problem with the string on my PSE Bow Madness. The
press is really simple to use/setup and worked great.

"Ken, Hi from Australia. I was just about resigned to
send my X-Foce bow back to the Australian PSE agent
some 3,000km away to have a new string fitted, when I
saw your ad on Youtube. Your press looked like it would
do what no other portable press would do, press an
X-Force bow safely.

When it arrived I was not disappointed what a great little
piece of engineering, both well thought out and well
made. I can't think of any bow it wouldn't press. If you
own a X-Force bow you shouldn't go hunting without one.


I've pressed every crossbow I have at my disposal. That
would be 9 different models total. I love the press for all
conventional and parallel limb crossbows. It just works.

Nite Hawk
Portable Bow
The only portable bow
press recomended by
Mathews Bow

Presses at the tips of
the limbs as required
by PSE

Presses your bow
limbs evenly, down the
center, not from the

Press the hard to press
bows like the Bowtech
Destroyer, the Bear
Attact, and PSE Pro
Series bows.

Tare your bow down

Presses Cross Bows,
Press up to 200# draw
Cross bow

The two tool pockets turn this pouch into a
Traveling Bow Shop. The picture to the
right shows some of what you can carry in
this pouch. Press, pliers, cresent, allen set,
string and cables, peep, serving, level, tape
measure, nocks and more.

Made of an extreamly durable fabric, this
pouch will not crack or tear.

Pouch cost
only $15.99
Remove limbs on a
beyond parallel bow
Pressing non-parallel limb bows
Pressing parellel and
beyond parallel limb bows
Press the Bowtech Insaity
or any other beyond parallel limb bow
This is the safest press you can own.

1. It clamps to the limbs and becomes an
extension of your bows limbs.
2. It presses down the center of the limbs so
both sides of the limb is pressed equally. If you
press from the side the inside 1/2 of the limb is
presses further.
3. You press at the tips of the limbs.
4. You can adjust the press for both narrow and
wide limbs.
5. You have infinite control of the pressing
process using the turnbuckle. This is extremely
important when releasing the press.
6. You will never have to buy adapters or
fingers. It comes complete
7. You can change cams while the bow is in the
press because the limbs are pressed equally.